«Auslandspraktikum – live aus…»  – Bournemouth, UK
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«Auslandspraktikum – live aus…» – Bournemouth, UK

What we have been up to & Life in the ’new normal‘

Following the first lockdown (back in April), our team began working from home whilst Helen, our Managing Director, kept herself busy with the office to herself! During these uncertain times, it was important for our mental health to spend time outside and make the most of the beautiful landscape and beaches we live in! Not to mention the warm and sunny weather we had over the spring and summer months.

Working during a pandemic

As always, we at UK Guardians have kept on working hard, with a good sense of humour – to keep our spirits up! We have spent valuable time networking and making new friends within our professional community. We have also been working on feedback from previous students and VET trainees to improve our service to ensure we offer the highest possible service to our internship apprentices for 2021!

Looking forward to the future

We are hopeful with the vaccination for COVID19 campaign our government started a couple of weeks ago, that this will be a real step in the right direction to ensure our new VET trainees to feel comfortable to arrive for an internship in England!


Our new video – have a look!

All our host companies and we at UK Guardians are looking forward to receiving our wonderful Swiss GIBZ Löhrlings soon again!

Helen Herridge


UK Guardians, Internship Agency UK and partner GIBZ


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